Thursday, February 12, 2009

non sticky pans can love the environment too

Kitchen equipment really seems like a big investment to me. It was actually easier to buy an entire bedroom set than it was to pick out the aforementioned potato ricer. Go figure.

Finally, we decided that our teflon (go MC grads!) pan/s should be replaced, which is kind of a bummer cause who wants to invest in new pans and they're not even 4 years old yet. But as it turns out, skillets by themselves aren't terribly expenseive enough to be unafforadable. And, one of my favorite sanctuaries in Kokomo (and really, I'm not kidding about this), Bed Bath & Beyond is always sending out coupons for %s off. So, why not? I picked out a new skillet for us. And it's environmentally friendly! It really rocks!

AND it's super non sticky, so my morning egg & cheese bagel is uber-goober easier to make and clean up! Suddenly, I feel up to the challenge of crepes...and just in time for Amy-tries-to-make-the-most-coolest-most-romantic-meal(s)-and-who-cares-how-much-she-spends-on-groceries-just-for-this-one-day day on Saturday.

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