Friday, March 25, 2016

Couch potato

I have a log that I've been keeping lately on my nightstand, detailing when I actually sleep in my bed versus when I sleep (happily, I might add) on my couch.  And, folks, the couch is the clear winner. 

So, I've been having problems sleeping. 

Correct that, I've been having MEGA SUPER DUPER EXTREMO problems getting to sleep.  For about 6 months.  Or my whole life.

Inevitably, when I put the book down and turn the light off, one of three things happens.

1.  I fall asleep fairly easily.  (That doesn't happen much anymore.)
2.  I drift off and then magically find  myself wide awake 15-30 minutes after trying to go to sleep.  (I love it when this happens.)
3.  My mind performs mental aerobics about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  This includes everything from renditions of Let It Go on repeat to ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodness to "Hey, I'm really comfortable.  I'm so glad that I'm fully awake to enjoy this feeling of comfort."

But.  My refrigerator hums a merry tune of white noise and my couch is delightfully comfortable.  And that combo puts me to sleep every time.  Not only that, but I sleep well.  So it's really something of a toss-up some nights; I don't even miss my bed when Option B is Option Pretty Wonderful.

I've come across a couple of "Here's How to Sleep Better in 10 Easy Steps!" pieces lately, and yeah..nothing.  And I'm actually sharing this for a particular reason; I'm a pretty firm believer that you don't have to share a bedroom if you're married.  Why?  Instead, sleep when and how you need to sleep.  So, I'll probably just keep on keeping on - throwing down my little couch nest and getting cozy. 

Plus, the kiddos pile on me in the mornings if I'm still there, and that's always a happy time.

Friday, March 18, 2016

ISO: a new friend, needed immediately

MMo2 (married mom of two) in search of: a new friend, needed immediately

(actually, needed quite some time ago, so pretty desperate here)

There are a few requirements and taste preferences, so please read each carefully before applying.

*female or male - not picky
*would be nice if you're also a parent, but not a deal breaker
*can demonstrate a high level of sanity (this is a deal breaker)
*understands when I'll go AWOL for a few days, acts like it never happened, and feels comfortable doing the same
*enjoys eating (sometimes I gotta bake and have no where to store more muffins)
*is always up for keeping me company when I get a pedicure
*calls me when you're stuck at the tire place on a Saturday morning
*understands that my kids don't like other people touching them and being in their space
*respectfully agrees to not destroy my hard fought battle to limit excessive amounts of sugar and food dyes in my kids' food
*political preference - your choice (!) so long as we can agree to disagree without the need to always be right or judgy
*doesn't need me to talk incessantly on the phone but does answer my random texts
*trusts me to watch your kids/pets/husband (as the case may be) and know that he/she/it/they will be alive when you return
*feels comfortable walking in my house without knocking first
*understands that I watch baseball a lot
*understands that I don't clean a lot
*understands that I am a cat person but can still love your dog and thus expect the same in return

CUBS FANS NEED NOT APPLY.  I can neither support nor condone your woeful choices and behavior.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Not much of anything, so a little bit of nothing

***UPDATE***  It's now Tuesday cause the internet went sketchy when I was trying to post this, but whatevs...still not much happening, so here you are.
Well, I'm slowly crawling out of the nether regions of grading Purgatory, and it's good see some light.  You know I've been busy when I haven't even been devoting critical brain cell memory chip space to thinking about random and fairly useless bits of anything on here. 

And because of that, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT.  But it's one of those days when, dadgumit, I'm gonna get my write on because I have about 15 minutes.  I tell ya, I can make 15 minutes count for something.

Like writing about useless bits of nothing?  Hypocrite.

But it's a soul satisfying 15 minutes.

Unless I'm unloading and re-loading the dishwasher for that 15 minutes, which isn't so much "soul satisfying" as "keeping the crazy at bay satisfying."

SO.  What to ramble on about for 15 13 minutes? 

1.  I haven't been back up to visit my parents since Christmas, and they live just a tick under 2 hours away. 
2.  I'm a pantry hoarder.  I find things on clearance and buy out the store: 10 cans of pumpkin, 8 boxes of mac & cheese.  4 honey bears.  It's a good feeling to think "Crud!  I need something to send in the child's lunch tomorrow.  I need to make muffins or something."  And then you scan your pantry and find 10 cans of pumpkin, which equals 20 batches of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  Thanks, pantry. 
3.   I broke out 'ye olde bassoon a couple of months ago to play at our church for the first time.  Color me nervous.  Now I have one week to prepare a piece for next week.  But it's purty slow, so there's some hope for it yet. 
4.  Weekends don't really do anything for me.  Have I said that before?  Just slipping this in (again).
5.  Chocolate and bread products do some a great deal of something for me.  I'm nothing if not a stress eater.
6.  My children still sing "Let It Go" on endless repeat.  AND I LOVE IT.  "Funny how some dissidence, makes EVERYTHING seem small..."  Indeed.
7.  I have six minutes left, and it's not because I type slowly.  It's because what else is there to say?
8.  It's going to rain all week.  There's that.
9.  My favorite coffee shop hasn't had my preferred flavors of late.  But they have all figured it out that I bring my own cup sleeve, and that's a sign that you're IN with the baristas. 
10.  Track season is starting, which means the boy is going to be MIA for about the next 3 months.  And I read a memoir by an ultra runner.  One would think that these two items would indicate that I have an interest in running and track-y things.  One would be incorrect.  I just like the boy, and I've discovered that memoirs are my happy place. 

And I will end with this (3 minutes): I'm reading the most recent novel by MY FAVORITE AUTHOR EVER, and sadly, it's mediocre so far.  Mediocre, I say.  It has me weeping salty tears behind my bookish glasses.  But, ah well.  Even a little Allende makes my world go 'round. 

Happy Monday, my friends.