Friday, July 23, 2010

advertising geared towards children really does work!

We don't have the TV on all that much whenever Abby is awake, and when it is, it's usually something like a baseball game or the Food Network, both of which Abby could care less about. Ben also watches The West Wing once in a while in the morning. Yesterday, he had it on for a few minutes, and during commercials, an advertisement for "Pillow Pets" (definitely a very kid-oriented product). Yesterday when it came on, Abby stopped whatever she was doing, and stared at the TV during the commercial. Unusual reaction for her. This morning, Ben happened to be watching The West Wing while folding clothes, and the same commercial came on again. Interestingly, Abby's reaction was the same--stop and stare at the screen. This time, she even got up and walked over to the TV, pointing at it.

These advertisements really work. A 14-month old is being swayed by a jingle on TV. Scary!!

Ben's response: "Sorry, I'm not buying that for you. I have some will power."

I guess we can only watch baseball.

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