Sunday, September 12, 2010


My daughter is a bit strange in how she loves her loveys. Or, rather, what she chooses to be her loveys. And, likewise, how many she has. Really, she's a bit of a nutter when it comes to soft and cuddly things.
First, there's the famous (in our house) pink moo cow. This one, we actually have tried to get her attached to it because it's easy enough to take with us whenever we need her to sleep someplace strange. In actuality, this one she enjoys for brief moments of time but never really asks for it. We still force it on her. :-)

Abby carries around random articles of clothing for her preferred loveys...nutty. And almost embarrassing...think about dropping her off at the sitter and checking to make sure that she has her old shirt with her.

She dutifully obliged to show how much she loves it.

Sometimes (actually more often than not), she walks around double fisted. And this is the only way that I could get a picture of the pink onesie in her left hand as she would not let me wrest it from her grasp. That one is a size 24 mo. that I had on her shelf for next summer; how is she ever going to let me put it on her??

Another fav--a pair of leggings, size 3 mo. that I had set aside to put with other too small clothes to store. In fact, this was *the* lovey today. Since she has so many options, it varies day to day.

another piece thieved from the outgrown clothes pile

And she does love her cuddly animals, too. Like the super soft Harry the horse...

...and kitty, who oddly, doesn't have any name at all...

...and her Welsh sheep...

...and duckie...

...and Giggly the gorilla (Ben named it, don't mock *me*).

Then there is the first blankie (for when the other blankie is dirty, of course).

And BLANKIE!!! This one is a favorite every day.

Abby even loves her book about her lovey.

But, it's so wonderful to see her walking around with something soft and cuddly snuggled up under her chin. And then when she cuddles one (or four) of her loveys as we snuggle for a minute before bed or whatever, and she just lays her head on my shoulder and is so content with life, I feel all melty inside. And then it's okay that she fell in love with a tiny scrap of bright blue cloth because she's just happy with her little pants and we're just happy with her.

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