Friday, November 12, 2010

Just because pictures

I'm wasting a few minutes on here, so here are a couple of recent pictures that I like.

Ben raked the yard last weekend, and while it looked like a pitiful amount of leaves before he started, in actuality, it turned into a couple of decent piles. Much like snow, Abby didn't like laying down in them, but she romped and frolicked with big smiles.

Abby really enjoys numbers now, including counting Daddy's fingers. Here's a quote I heard coming from the direction of the couch tonight: "Abby, don't put that finger up all by itself!"

On a random sidenote, I find myself preoccupied with thinking about whether (or not) we should add another baby to our household. True story--on down time, I have surveyed a couple of my students about whether or not they appreciate having siblings or prefer being an only child. I pick the brains of my teacher cohorts, too. Unfortunately, the results are inconclusive. Can someone just tell me yes or no? Please???


Megan said...

1. Your daughter is ADORABLE!!!
2. You are going about this decision the wrong way. Too rational.
3. In ten years, you may (possibly) regret NOT having another kid. But you will not regret having one.
just some food for thought.

Crystal said...

Megan, when is your number 2 arriving?
Amy, an interesting question, the one or more babies?? A question that I am absolutely unqualified to weigh in on, so let me try some thought association for a minute. For most parents I wouldn't trust that they are able to have one child and treat her well but not spoil her. I think you can. I think you and your hubby are good at using restraint and can raise her well with or without siblings. She'll have tons of same-age friends. I don't know from experience, but I'm guessing they're kind of like nieces, they come over for a while and then you can send them home. Friends will make your child's life richer but you don't have to pay for their music lessons-someone else will do that for you. That's my two cents worth. And here is my other two cents worth...Do you want your grandkids to have cousins? (In the far future world where Abby chooses to have kids.) Do you want Abby to share in the care of her aging parents with a sibling or two so that she has someone to ask for help from and doesn't have to be the only one to come over and clean out your gutters when you shouldn't be on a ladder anymore? O.K., before I get any more depressing I think I'll stop. Megan is smarter than me. Don't be too rational.

Sam said...


All I feel I should contribute here is, I'm so glad my parents didn't stop with Ben!