Saturday, January 29, 2011

songs & stories

Abby has been big into music lately, grabbing her CDs and asking to listen to them. Great. We love our kids music!! But really...some of those songs...why are they kids music?

Ben questions "Charming Billy" which talks about Billy Boy who found "the love of his life." Unfortunately, "she's a young thing, and cannot leave her mother." So Charming Billy fell in love with a child. Creepy.

I wonder about the song that talks about the burning of Scotland. It sounds rather violent.

And then there's the nursery rhyme in her book that has the person throw an old guy down the stairs because he will not say his prayers. Hmm...questionable. I generally skip that one.

Lest I overlook the obvious, there's always "Ring Around the Rosie," the nursery rhyme about the plague. But that one amuses me more than anything.

Mother Goose, you are a titch concerning.

P.S. I just finished Under the Tuscan Sun, and while I'm not going to officially post about this, I will mention for anyone out there who was inspired to read Bella Tuscany and may want to read this one because of the movie, it's NOTHING like the movie, which I kind of knew going in. They share a name, a house named Bramasole, and a general setting. That's it. Not a bad book, but Diane Lane's character is, alas, fictional.

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