Monday, October 17, 2011

Why do we...?

Why do we congratulate people so enthusiastically when news of a new baby comes out? It's A LOT of work, among other things!!

I remember reading a specific reference that a Russian woman made to this, noting that in Russia, news of a new arrival is met with a more realistic attitude--"Oh, that's good news, but there's a lot of work ahead for you." Whereas in America, how do we respond? "Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!" You'd think that having a baby was synonymous with having scads of money flung at you for you apparent reason: everyone is excited about it and kinda wants in on the action for the good parts but no one wants to really help out with the bad parts (like paying taxes on your lottery winnings).

I'm not about to pretend that I don't also share this energetic, over the moon, as-if-it-were-happening-to-me response. I can't help it. You get all hopped up on happy thoughts of warm snuggly, toothless little coo-ers who smack their lips and have those ever-so-adorable yawns and good morning stretches.

And, for that matter, why do we get so excited to share such good news? Do we revel in the adoration? Secretly desire the lavish attention showered on us when it's our turn? Ignore the rational knowledge that reminds us, Warning: massive amounts of work ahead with little free time for yourself for at least a couple of years!!!

Whatever the case may be, happy news and cuteness is always appreciated.

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Crystal said...

(Thanks for letting the world know!) A friend is visiting me this weekend with her 7 week old infant. And I watch her in awe as she breastfeeds, changes poopy diapers, and is completely attentive to his every need around the clock. And I enjoy the snuggly on my chest naps and cute faces while he is burping, but I equally enjoy knowing that when he cries tonight I don't have to get up. Yes, I can't pretend to know how much work a baby brings, because I've only watched it from the outside, but I do know for sure that you are a champion. I think the excitement and congratulations, though, comes from the idea of how much reward the relationship will bring into your life, which overshadows the hard. Did you feel differently about people's responses the first time?