Sunday, July 1, 2012

Color me caramel

I don't have a lot of solitary "me" time nowadays, so showers have become some valuable think time lately.  You want to know what I think about, right??  Caramel. 

I'm not kidding.  Really.  For whatever reason, I dwell a lot on caramel things.  Actually, I think I know why; every day involves me thinking about if I can justify some luxurious little treat.  Starbucks day?  A quick trip to Dunkin' Donuts?  And, there's always the flavor of the day at Culvers to consider.  Here's my secret: THIS is my reason for my love-o-the caramel. 

Salted double caramel pecan.  I do love me some of that creamy, freezy delish-ness. 

I think that there were other things to write about, things that had slightly more validity than writing about caramel ad naseum.  But I'm not in the shower right now (trust you me), so my ME time thought process isn't with me at the moment.  And unfortunately, I've just increased my current caramel craving, which is never at 0.

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