Thursday, November 21, 2013

carrots, carrots, everywhere

The first part of this story is mundane enough: I went grocery shopping.  Who's not besides them in rabid jealousy by that statement?  I know that I'm on the edge of my chair just waiting to read what I'm going to write next.  (I got the mail today!  I started the dishwasher earlier!  I need to go fold towels now!  Riveting, right?)

Yet in my grocery shopping excursion, I happened upon something that I had never seen before: a 14-pound bag of organic carrots.  And I wasn't wandering the aisles of a mega-warehouse-extravaganza-supermarket.  No, no...just the regular old grocery store about a mile down the road (which  has turned into a 3 mile detour after tornado season in these parts of the world). 

I made it through my normal route before remembering that I forgot onions, so I hurried my way back to the produce section.  My standard grocery store sometimes has reduced produce tucked into a little nook by the pomegranate-y type juices.  Nine visits out of ten, I don't really pay much attention to it as, you know, produce has a pretty quick expiration date.  But once in a while, I'll find something pretty snifty like 5 peppers for $1.28 (um, freezer!).  This time...jackpot. 

Fourteen pounds of organic carrots. 

This has led to my recent allrecipes search for all things carrot.  Soup?  Muffins?  Cake?  Yes, please.  There will be feasting on all things carrot and much rejoicing.  Anyone have a unique way to use copious amounts of carrots that you want to share?  Like a bunny, I'm all ears.

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