Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bed Bug

We have a little girl who just updated to a bigger girl bed.  Ergo, we also have a little girl's room that just lost a significant amount of floor space.  This house is bursting at the seams.  Ergh.  And here's a shout out to a sweet friend of mine/ours from college who quilted the quilt that's on her bed by hand, inspired by the children's book If You're Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow.

Guess who...

She's not excited or anything.

And with any photo shoot with this child, we get the "serious" pictures out of the way first before we devolve to the absolutely necessary round of silly (how 'bout 'dem striped leggings?)...


...and I don't know what.  Yoga?

Sometimes, the super sweet memory foam mattress just isn't as comfortable as the floor.  I guess.  And then this happens.

In other news, the girl's ears continue to be a series of less-than-fun-times.  The latest issue was fixing her right ear, which didn't heal after the tubes fell out.  Anesthesia round #2 went off without a hitch, and she came home with a couple of stitches in her earlobe, a fixed eardrum, and Daddy's sweet faux-scrubs.

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