Friday, March 14, 2014

This sounds like paradise

About the end of every week, I hit a mental wall of fatigue where I go through this endless pattern of self-pity (really attractive to admit, I know) and longing.  A change of scenery would be greatly appreciated by all around here, not just because we're in the last death throes of winter but just because the same old, same old just gets...old.  So here it is.  This is my paradise right now, in part restricted by budget and in part out of a true sense of this is what I really, really, want to do.

1.  a weekend away
1a.  I'm not sure if this entails a weekend away by myself or with someone else.  I really can't decide, and I've been debating this point for about a month now.  Pretty much every Friday around 2:36 p.m.

2.  a mani/pedi
2a.  If I had to choose one over the other, then a pedicure.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I do love me some pedi action.

3.  restaurants
3a.  This probably goes without saying, but my ideal restaurant situation right now would entail no children.  And it would be a whole weekend full of them.  They would be local, not chain fare, and something different from anything around here.  There's a reason I hit up Panera so much (which by "so much" I really mean, the once in a blue moon when splurges happen).

4.  plentiful amounts of coffee
4a.  There would preferably be a Keurig on demand, stocked with a veritable array of delish choices that I don't normally indulge in.
4b.  There would also be pastry.  Lots of it.

5.  reading
5a.  I would very much like to combine #4 with a lot of #5.

6.  television
6a.  How sweet would it be to zone out to some HGTV and Food Network?  How epic would it be to do so combined with #4?  Amazing.

7.  shopping
7a.  I like to wander shop.
7b.  I have never been to an IKEA.  I would like to go to an IKEA.  I would like to combine visiting an IKEA with #1.

8.  bed and breakfast
8a.  I love them.
8b.  I've been spending some serious computer time scouring ye olde inter-web for a B & B that will accommodate us when we take a mini trip with the girls this summer.  It's fueled my yearning for #1.

And that's it.  It's not so out of reach, I don't think.  Except, at 2:36 on any given Friday afternoon, especially ones when the bean WON'T SLEEP, it is all out of reach.  We have a fat tax refund within easy reach right this very moment.  If only...

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