Thursday, July 31, 2014

This week, I learned...

The week is not yet over, and already it has been an insightful one.  This week, I learned...

...that when you are limited to drawing stick people, drawing a mermaid is a definite challenge.

...that zucchini butter is a real thing.  And it is good, nay great.  Slathered on toast, studded with fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes (if one is so inclined, and hey, 'tis the season...), it is a humble feast yet a delightful one.

...that Target has a hold on me second to none.  It's like that Jim Gaffigan bit about cake: (paraphrasing) "Hey, it's Joe Smith's birthday...I don't really know the guy...There's cake in the conference room...Well, I should at least say hello."  Target does that to you.  "We need dish soap...That means I have to wash dishes...I can get it at Target and then wander aimlessly through the aisles, amassing a small fortune of vital but discounted merchandise in my cart...Well, those dishes do need to be washed."  I already knew about my attraction to Target, but it doesn't hurt to admit my affection for the old place every now and again.  Keeps me honest in my addictions.

...that the maternity bathing suit I own fit well neither when I was pregnant nor when I am not pregnant.

...that 1 box of strawberry cake mix, 2 lbs. of baking soda, and some pink tinted water when mixed together does indeed make a lovely scented Play dough-ish compound, but it also makes a mess that surpasses understanding.  And then we added sprinkles just because.  

And to close, it always tickles me purple when the girls use "big" words in conversation.  Big A as we are leaving the driveway about an hour before lunch to go to a local water park, when she saw me stash some lunch snacks in the car for them to munch on to both start their lunch and keep them awake on the way home:  "Good thing you brought those along.  We might get drowsy on the way home."  Good thing we're prepared.

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