Friday, February 20, 2015

It started like blah and ended like better blah

Good gravy on toast but this day had all the makings of being wretched written all over it.

There was the plague that beset Squiddgles the Elder and kept her home all day yesterday promising more of the same, including some frantic, woe-is-me, I-shall-never-breathe-or-stop-coughing-again weeping at 10:00 last night.  And 2:24.  And...5:15.  Hello, 5:15 a.m.  My daughter thinks that this "is almost time to get up."  I think this means scoot your feverish little bum over and let me lay beside you and CAN WE PLEASE TURN THE BRIGHTEST NIGHTLIGHT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD OFF SO THAT I CAN PRETEND TO SLEEP FOR ANOTHER 45 MINUTES?!  But "it's scary" without the nightlight on.  But, I'm here.  She begrudgingly accepted my terms.  Also, her pillow bites the big one as far as my pillow preferences go, but she likes it, so...

Then there was the prospect of having to take 2 children to the grocery store on a busy Saturday morning because Friday was falling apart rapidly.

It was falling apart because I finally just called someone to PLEASE COME FIX MY DISHWASHER WHICH IS NEEDIER THAN EITHER OF MY NEWBORN CHILDREN EVER WERE.  Seriously.  And while it feels good to have someone come and fix it, it also means $$$ and putting plans on hold from 9:15-whenever, which gets me all tense like every time.

And I acquiesced and let Squiddgles the Elder stay home again 'cause really, I'd mentally shoot daggers at any other parent who allowed their child to sit beside mine in an enclosed classroom all day when their child sounded like death warmed over.

BUT THEN!  School delays happened, and when deciding between schlepping groceries outside to my frigid car by myself in air so cold that a polar bear walked by my window a few minutes ago or schlepping groceries outside to my frigid car with two children and their twisty car seat straps (curse you thick gloves) in air so cold that no amount of hot chocolate is enough to warm me up *and* the possibility of snow (in inches), I chose to get the goods by myself.  And it feels good to check that off ye olde liste. 

AND THEN!  Our dishwasher seems to be under warranty still.  There was one memorable month when a) I was starting my second maternity leave and not receive a paycheck, b) we sold a car and bought a different one (for more money), and c) we bought a primo dishwasher cause after you burn through two in seven years, you start to question your choice in the cheapest of the cheap.  Now that primo dishwasher came with a primo warranty that makes me love it a little more.  (That is, as soon as I get over hating it for making me babysit it every time I use it...every day.)

AND THEN!  Squiddgles the Elder just squirreled herself into a nest of blankets and recliner while Squiddgles the Younger amused herself as only she does and I got a modicum of things accomplished...namely cleaning.  Not to boast or anything, but it was something of a banner moment in my day.  I'll probably feast off of that self-proclaimed glory for several, several days.

AND THEN!  Good songs kept coming on over Pandora while I fixed up a few bits of grading.  Keeping on top of things is ever so much more enjoyable with the likes of Keane and Carolina Liars. 

AND THEN!  I deviated from my norm and brewed a cup of peppermint tea.  And as always seems to be the case when I make peppermint tea, I found myself both drinking it quickly and also wondering why I don't drink it more often.  It's enormously pleasurable. 

AND THEN!  I have leftover pizza planned for dinner tonight, and there's purt near nothin' more blessed than having Friday night dinner all done.  And it's pizza.  Win to the win-win.  

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