Friday, June 26, 2015

Of sun and sand and a pod of dolphins

We've been back from the anniversary trip for 2 nights now, and right this very second, we're supposed to driving to a weekend camp site for some time spent with my family, but forecasted storms are here, and we've put a hold on those plans.  It would have been our third trip in three weekends, which is what I'm quickly learning should be called "a wee bit too much." 

Off-topic, but chuckle worthy: The Younger just skip-ran into my room where I'm typing here, all sweaty from her nap, snuggled her head on my lap, and said "You're my little jim-jams."  Then, she walked out.

But you know, that's not necessarily so much off-topic.  Because we're still riding the oh-yay-oh-yay-Mom-and-Dad-are-home-again high with the girls, especially the Younger, who is (is it possible?) even more snuggle-cuddly.  After we got home from the trip, we slept a few winks and then drove to my parents' to pick the sweet ones up.  We noodled around there for about 3 or 4 hours before loading their gear in the car and trekking home again.  In that amount of time, I'm not sure that the Younger was farther away than arm's reach from me.  And after being away from them for seven sleeps, that little bundle of delicious was just what my heart needed.

I think that they were even more excited to see us than the big heart-shaped, chocolate dipped cookie that we brought them.  Not by much, but by some...

I got my loads of worrying out of the way prior to the trip, and just like when I drop them off at a sitter's house - out of sight, mostly out of mind.  We had daily chats on the phone, heard about many of their adventures, and were able to enjoy our rest time away from each other, knowing that they were being loved on.  And that's pretty great.

I also think that the sweeping vistas, general lack of humidity, and lux, not-the-Midwest, accommodations were pretty great, too.     

On our tenth anniversary, we slept for about 2 hours, hopped a couple of flights, and landed here.  Then, we ate fabulous seafood and asked someone to snap a quick picture of the happy couple, a decade later.  I was pretty much just as happy right here.  Who needs a wedding dress?  Just throw some crab cakes and astoundishing sun my way, and I'm good.

 We pseudo-swam with dolphins a few times.  (I pseudo-pretended to enjoy the swelling ocean waves.)  And, while I don't have photo evidence, the trip ended with a close-up of a baby humpback whale, flashing his adorable little (actually, huge) tail fin.

Having someone take your picture for you is something of a potluck affair as you're never sure how the shot is going to end up.  Here we are, standing in front of...

 ...this.  We were actually hoping that Big Sur would be a little more visible behind us.  Ah, well.

And just because I do love some ocean views, I'll include this one as well.  And now I'm at a loss as what else to say because....gah.  Ocean and the land of my kind of people.  

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