Friday, September 18, 2015

Nothing "new" around here


I feel like the stars are aligning and singing some melodic version of Kumbaya to me about this topic I'm going to continue harping on.  Following my "wildly successful" post a few days ago, I just came across this write-up and new blog.  Even if I stay home all the live long day, I do not escape consumerism, what with the prevalence of online shopping (of which I am quite the fan when those magical words "free shipping" are whispered in my ear).  I think that I have somewhere around 4 or 5 shops, whether brick and mortar or online exclusively, that bombard my inbox with "15% off everything that is gray, a size small or will be out of date in two months!" and "You don't want to miss this because you always need more jeans!" sales.  You know how it goes: Buy one thing one time from a company and you immediately get put on their email onslaught list. 

I stay on a handful of these email lists just because every now and again, I need to slap a new size of clothes on my kids.  So most days (let's say 98% of the time, which both sounds about right and sounds pretty good), I delete these before opening.  However, since 7: An experimental mutiny against excess has entered my mind, I can't shake it.  Just in these few weeks, I've been trying to be even more conscious of not just how I'm spending my dollars but more importantly WHY I'm spending them. 

Experience trumps stuff for me, always (other than a good bar of chocolate, which is always some stuff that I can demonstrate some genuine joy to receive).  And when my daughter was lamenting the choices in her dresser drawer just the other day and said "There just needs to be more options!" we had what you might call a teachable moment right there (which we all know is called a lecture again in 6-year old parlance). 

Right now, I don't really know how to wrap this up, and I have a sweet little something all warm and snuggly from her afternoon nap asking me to watch some Jake and the Neverland Pirates with her (which BEST THEME MUSIC OF ANY KID'S SHOW THAT WE WATCH), so I'm just going to drop this bunch of possibility in your lap and leave it there to chew on.  Wrestle with it, perhaps.  Think about how this may be not only a possibility but even more importantly a necessity in your life.  Two hundred days is a big old length of time, but who's to say that 2 weeks isn't feasible?  We never know until we try, right?

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