Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's continuing to be too much Christmas...everywhere I look

I know that when I post bi-monthly, it doesn't seem as if I'm all in on this blogging thing.  Yet, for what it's worth, it's on my mind at least once a day. 

So is scavenging for chocolate.

I'm LOL-ing too at the notion that I only think of chocolate once a day.  It gives the boy a definite run for its money on which is truly first in my heart. 

(See, now I've thought about chocolate again.  And I thought of the boy because he walked by me as I was searching for a devotion of similar proportion.  I think I've actually proven something here.)

Here's the true story of the day: I wrote this blog two days after the last one.  It's not this.  I've written this again.  Imagine that.  (Maybe if I stuck it in an oak barrel, it would age better.  Maybe my fruit is too far gone.  Maybe I'm just muttering to myself over here.)

I want to take a few-teen moments to drone one wax poetic about how I'm over Christmas.  Permanently.  The end.

Not the end.  This crochety old lady just wants to make a joke.  Of course I have to ramble for a while.

But...I really am over Christmas.  I could miss every single part of the Christmas season and not care a biggity bit.  I'm a fan of a candlelight Christmas Eve service and 1 day of lux foodstuffs.  THE END.

Friends, I'd much rather pack up the girl-childs and the boy-man and disappear for say four days/three nights at a scenic and posh B&B, maximizing the all-the-coffee-and-hot-chocolate-you-can-drink options as well as linen-napkin-breakfasts and a bit-o-different-scenery.

To clarify: My first choice is always to fall off the grid but in a refined and pampered sort of way.

To clarify again:  We never have.

But here we are, over half-way through Advent, which means daily Advent-y activities, craftily hidden each night for the minis to find in the morning.  Admittedly, while I don't think that I would miss this tradition if we didn't do it again, I don't mind it either.  BUT THAT'S IT, CHRISTMAS!  I REALLY AM DONE WITH EVERYTHING ELSE.

Except the chocolate that's in my stocking (which I did not hang as I purposefully was not in the house when that mind-boggling abomination of a process went down).  I'm not done with that.  And the Elder has loose lips when it comes to things that she's really excited to give me for Christmas.

The end. 

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Crystal said...

It's funny. We missed all of Advent/Christmas this year-in terms of worship services, family gatherings, office parties, and shopping. It was sad. It wasn't how I thought we'd spend our first Christmas season as a family of three. I know there are lots of things we could have chosen to do at our home, but we were so tired that we frankly just didn't bother.
We did, however, go out together to buy the new one her first Christmas ornament. So that was really fun. She's now the proud owner of a super cute, fuzzy haired penguin ornament that her dad thought was funny, "because his hair sticks up like mine and hers!".