Monday, February 22, 2016

The 6-year old knows things

The Elder decided to bring home a snotty nose and general headache-y-ness this weekend.  This means that when she crawled into our bed at 6:18 Sunday morning and moaned about feeling garbage-y, I was all like "I'll make the sacrifice and stay home from church with you, which also means that I'll give up teaching Sunday School, which I love SOO SOO SOO much."  Sometime, I'm going to talk about my new gig as a Sunday School teacher.  (Someday when I can contain my sarcasm, that is.)

So the boy went to church all by his little self (he's a choir boy and usually cantors his little heart out), and the girls and I were all like "Comfy clothes!  Sunshine!  An extra mug of coffee!  Sticker books!"  And it turns out, that as soon as I said "stay at home," the Elder was thinking "ToDays to do list."  Humor me cause I find this highly amusing.  (This is verbatim, by the way, except for I don't know how to insert a check mark, so those are spelled out for you.  Part of me wants to correct her 6-year-old-ness and portray her as a young prodigy, but let's get real here.  She's six.  That's why this is funnier.  She also obviously gave this up fairly early in the morning.  We nailed it throughout the day.)

Brades __[check mark]__  (She's figured out that she likes her hair braided, but only the front part.  She hasn't realized that she's tapped out all of my hair styling talent in so doing.)
read __
Play __
fun with mommy __
color with mom __[check mark]__  (Okay, we never colored, but at one point, right when she gave up the list, she said "What should we do next?  Let's color.  And then the Younger pulled out a sticker book, and that was that.)
read Books from School __
snack __
rest __

Later when the boy came home from his faith-y stuff, the Elder excitedly exclaimed "Daddy!  Mommy and I made corpse[s]!"  She meant "crepes," but it also made me realize that when I'm disposing of evidence, I can't involve her in the process.  She'll sing like a bird.

The boy was also gone all day Saturday at Science Fair bonanza 2016 (my title), so the girls and I actually had a lot of at-home-all-by-ourselves time throughout the weekend, and when that happens, the Elder likes to write notes to Daddy to inform him of the goings-on for when he gets home.  This lead to "Dear Daddy: [hearts] I have BRADSE!  Mommy Braded my hair.  Love: Ally  I love you [heart] Ally PS. wi are you going to science fair PS. again I chaged my Name it is Ally." 

That's right.  My kid changed her name.  WHY? you might ask?  Simple.  Apparently, "Ally" is "easier" to write in cursive.  And my kid thinks cursive is all that and a bag of cheese crackers.

And shortly after this realization, she started a list of "favorites," obviously to keep for posterity.  First, we have the names that she would prefer over what is the perfectly acceptable option that we actually did name her:


(At this point, I'm so very glad that she has no naming rights, not even for pets.  'Cause if she did, then I'd be stuck with either a kid or a pet living at my house named "Mrista."  Well, no.)

We also have favorite colors, favorite foods, favorite animals and, the best part, favorite I-don't-know-whats:


For the love of a 6-year old. 

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