Monday, May 9, 2016

An absolutely professional quiz [shrugs shoulders]

Every once in a while, I see a list of questions floating around to ask your children, you know, if you really want to hear what they think about you.  (It basically reminds me of when I was student teaching and my cooperating teacher suggested that I consider ending my last day with 100 freshman by asking them to evaluate me.  Answer:  I will never do that again.)  So the Younger and I went through a list of 23 questions that has apparently been circulating around the U.K.  But then I got rid of the list of questions.  So I'll just make up some of my own questions here to correspond with these answers.  Perhaps this will be more enjoyable.

(Of note:  I found this list again because aww...Mother's Day.  Except that I'm very much in the "Who cares?" mode for pretty much every holiday, especially "holidays."  Still.  I like my daughter, so why not?)

1.  What do I say a lot?  I love you.
2.  What makes me happy?  hugs & kisses
3.  What was the name of my sixth grade teacher?  [shrugs shoulders]
4.  How do I make you laugh?  by saying funny things
5.  What was I like when I was your age?  a little bean [This was the actual question/answer for this one.  I like it.]
6.  How old am I?  33
7.  What was the first movie that I saw in a movie theater when I was about three years old?  [shrugs shoulders]
8.  What is my favorite thing to do?  read books to me...I mean cuddle with me
9.  What do I do when you're not around?  go to class
10.  What is the name of one of my most influential theorists who helped shape my graduate work?  [shrugs shoulders]  
11.  What is something something something having to do with what I enjoy to do?  reading
12.  What is something about how I try to be like you?  making my funny smiles because I make them like this [demonstrates] and you don't
13.  What do I do for a job?  go to work
14.  What is my favorite food?  soup
15.  What is another question about one of my favorite things to do with you?  reading to me
16.  If I were a character from a story, who would I be?  Elsa
17.  What is another question about something relating to my hobbies?  read
18.  How are we similar?  [makes her special silly face]
19.  How are we different?  [looking me over] You have black pants and I don't.
20.  What makes me happy [or some variation of that]?  hugging and kisses
21.  What do I like best about Daddy?  He helps you out sometimes.
22.  Where do I like to go the most?  to get coffee 'cause you really like coffee, right?
23.  How old was I when I had you?  [first restates the question] umm...3

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Crystal said...

That's awesome! I just saw my 6 year old niece fill out one of these question lists for her dad for father's day and she was so excited to show it to him.