Saturday, December 15, 2007

What a gip...

So it's supposed to snow here. (Or as the weather man said last night..."I've only talked about blizzard-like conditions once before. This may be the second time...") It's really supposed to snow here. From every brightly colored map and NEWS FLASH weather update, we're in the heaviest part of it's-really-supposed-to-snow-here.

Because I was frantically warned last night at 11:00 (whoo hoo! I stayed up late on a Friday night! But It's a Wonderful Life was on, and I couldn't turn that one down. I think that that was the first time that I actually teared up while watching it.) that snow was IMMINENT and COMING and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PROVISIONS RIGHT NOW by the aforementioned weather man, I begrudgingly grabbed Ben and also begrudgingly went to the store. My master plan was to go this morning before the snow came. But with life as we know it ready to end much earlier than I had expected it, I thought that drastic measures must be taken. Less than $30 and approximately one hour later, I felt safer and ready for bed (but by midnight, I was definitely hungry again) since I knew that I could wake up this morning with one dozen eggs and milk in the refrigerator. If nothing else, breakfast would happen in the morning.

And then it didn't snow...kind of. It has a little throughout the day, but seriously, we have yet to receive even one inch of accumulation let alone the 10-17 inches (when have I ever seen 17 inches all at one time here?) that were being called for. BUT IT'S STILL the weather man says. What it means is that I spent alllll day (basically) at home and tomorrow is going to be another alllll day at home and maybe Monday and seriously, I could have spread my out of the house time out a little bit if I had known that I wasn't going to be snowed in by 10 am and I'm feeling gipped.

At least the birds can still get to their food. All is well. Enjoy your snow.

"Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation." --Kim Hubbard (apparantly this should be ammended to say that nine out of ten people would have trouble thinking of something to write in their blog, too...)

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