Friday, November 30, 2007

A Week in Review...miscues and miscalculations

It started off well with "finishing" my last rough draft of each of my final papers for grad school, semester 1. And all of a sudden, it seems that I have so much extra time, and I am still not getting my newspaper read everyday. I don't know how I have no time even when I have extra time.

Monday--no class! Instead, I had to call my professor to conference on my paper (thankfully he didn't make me drive to campus just to chat for 20 minutes). After 20 minutes of fruitlessly calling him, I contact him via email and find out that, go figure, I was calling the wrong number. I guess sometimes it really does pay to be a little embarrased about being dense by asking the dumb questions.

Tuesday--my worst driving-to-class nightmare. All is splendid until about three miles after I got on 69. The traffic stopped. Really truly stopped...and didn't move while I frantically called Ben so that he could fix my traffic problem 30 miles away. Go Ben. He did. This is why I guess I pay exorbitant cell phone bills. Somehow I got turned around. Somehow I found my way through the dark countryside (Matthews, IN?). Somehow, I only arrived about 10 minutes late to class and beat the other two guys who got stuck in the same miles long traffic jam. I think my professor was quite amused that he received three emails about the same problem from three spouses. The whole time I was trying to get there, of all things I was worried about, I kept thinking 1)I have NEVER been late to a class before since my bus broke down in 6th grade and my teacher didn't even notice that I wasn't there on time that morning, and 2)I have to get to class because we're reading Incle and Yarico (a play) tonight, and I'm Yarico! They need Yarico!

Wednesday--Ben beat me at Scrabble. I've been told that I have to include this. He also started the game going first and using all 7 letters. Of course I lost!! I think that should automatically mean that we start over again because that's just not fair to spot himself 84 points. BUT, I beat Ben in the daily crossword puzzle for probably the first time ever. Not that the crossword puzzle victory negates the thorough beating in word mastery that he gave me. It's hard being an English-y person and then being married to a Science-y person (of all things) who is almost always better than you at...words.

Thursday--I beat Ben in the daily crossword puzzle again and Scrabble. He's still reeling from the sheer prowess of my skills, I'm sure.

Friday--I love being woken up by the sound of a cat heaving. Why am I the only lucky one? Why does Ben sleep through this fantastic gift from the cat? I mean, he obviously loves Ben so much he chose (truly!) to leave his early morning gift in Ben's slipper...and Ben sleeps through it. Not only is it just disgusting to have to wake up to the sound of retching, but it's also highly annoying when I just lost sleep cleaning up the mess while Ben sleeps through it. Fortunately for him, it wasn't in his slipper (or bed) this time. Unfortunately for me, I still had to clean it up. How can a day go well when it has such an inauspicious start?

By the students really didn't appreciate my exampe of satire this week. How could they possibly not enjoy Swift's "A Modest Proposal". I mean, eating children isn't really a problem if it solves the problem of poverty and hunger...ha. ;-) Happy birthday Jonathan Swift.

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." Happy birthday Mark Twain!


JEM Truly Outrageous said...
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JEM Truly Outrageous said...

Try being a History teacher married to a man that can school you on ANY subject in history, government, current events, or just about any other subject. I can barely beat Everette at scrabble (only because he can't spell). My only claim is that once I beat him at Computer Risk--only I was sworn to secrecy... oops!