Friday, March 7, 2008

A lunchtime oops

Lots of leftovers have been in our fridge this week. It seems that there has been a flurry of cooking in the past week resulting in no lunchmeat sandwiches for lunch...mmm. I always appreciate good, tasty leftovers when my lunchtime compatriots are eating their frozen dinners. Today, however, I ran into a problem.

There was one lonely container of leftovers on the bottom shelf of my hasn't-been-cleaned-since-we-moved-in refrigerator. Imagine my surprise that Ben has ignored this container for several days now. In hindsight I realize that this was a clue. Yet I grabbed it, tossed it into my bag, and trundled off to school more worried about my missing keys than my lunchtime selection.

Lunch comes around. I open the refrigerator where my stash is stashed. I open the lid (the suspense is not so intense; I'm sure that you can figure out what is coming next) to stick my noodly leftovers in the micro. Alas, naked...cooked...fettucine. I love pasta, but I'm not sure that there is much that is as unappetizing as cold, squished-together pasta that has no sauce. Yum.

I'm glad I brought yogurt today. And of course, there's always my chocolate stash in my desk drawer. :-)

"I no longer prepare food or drink with more than one ingredient." Cyra McFadden
Cold, naked pasta for lunch anyone??

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