Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day!!!

I feel downright giddy. In fact, it's been hard to concentrate all day because it's OPENING DAY! Let the most beautiful 7 months of the year begin. No more homework tonight. I am going to watch this game and no one is going to shake me from my couch. Oh look...Chipper Jones just hit a home run (too bad that was a clip from the past)! I've realized that every year I am getting more and more excited about the baseball season. Oh, I'm excited...! Did you hear that my Valentine's Day present this year was the special, by subscription only, MLB extra innings package so now I can watch up to 50 games a week!!!! Let the first rendition of the Mark Teixiera song begin...let the close ups of Chipper Jones begin...let the beat down with my fantasy team begin!

Running...funny this topic should come up on shapeastar's blog. I was just mocking running today. I loathe running. I can't stand running. I look like a doofus and feel like puking after a mere jog down the block. In fact, it would be nice if other people *wouldn't* run so that my pitiful walking-as-exercise wouldn't look so pitiful. The Ben has a different opinion than me. But, to my defense, if I had his skinniness and wirey-ness, maybe I'd embrace it more as well. Did that appear like a rather paltry defenes of my weakness to anyone else? In all seriousness, I'm all for running for anyone who can and chooses to run. I, however, embrace yoga. ;-)

So the little nephew is a squirmer. Are all little ones so squirmy? I have been indoctrinated into his life...he has gladly bestowed his first bit of spit-up on me. But, I must say, that he was a lot of fun to hold (or try to...he was kind of squirmy!).

In honor of opening day and Yogi Berra's eternal pithiness...
"Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical." (Yogi is Ben's favorite motivational speaker!)

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JEM Truly Outrageous said...

I ditto your sentiments on running, however I cannot say the same for baseball. However I would say that my sentiments about running are similar to my sentiments about baseball.