Thursday, July 17, 2008

In hindsight...

Reflecting on the camping trip again, I thought that I had finally come up with some good ideas about how to conquer the inevitable grossness of containers from leakage in the cooler. If it's just Ben and me, I don't take mayo cause I don't need it and Ben can just suck it up if he wants it. ;-) However, since there were 4 other people with us this time, exceptions were made to condimate the lunch meat sandwiches. Oh wait...the lunch meat sandwiches that never materialized since I completely forgot nearly all of the meat in my fridge.

So I pre-made as much as possible, and had lots of ziplock containers with as much as I could. They don't leak unlike ziplock bags. For example, I had the lunch meat in one (not that it mattered), the fruit salad, the sloppy joe mixture. I even scooped out a bunch of margarine and mayo and put them in separate (yet identical) containers.

Saturday morning I was making an impressive mess with the pancakes and eggs on the campstove, so I wasn't really paying attention to what other people were doing or putting on their pancakes. Why we were almost out of margarine was beyond me, but I remember thinking something along the lines of "Great, just something else I screwed up on and didn't bring enough of...what are we going to put on corn tonight?" I was ticked enough that I wasn't really talking let alone investigating. If five people (I hadn't stopped for pancakes yet) had gone through what I thought was tons of butter for what we would need that weekend, then oh well. People would have butter-less corn on the cob. Which, incidentally, did make Ben's sister sad to some extent!

When we got home and I was unloading the cooler, again, I wasn't really paying attention but just threw stuff into the fridge. I thought I'd just mess with the empty butter container later. Apparantly "later" means in about four days since I didn't pull it out until today. must be some sort of clean out day for me. I also finally (2 months later) went through and sorted all of my paperwork (quite considerable) for last semester's grad classes. Yet this is getting long enough with more of this digression...

I pull both the mayo and the margarine ziplock containers out and stood confused, befuddled, bemused. The mayo container was practically empty, but (suspsense building pause)...the margarine container was absolutely as full as when I had loaded it up originally! Hmm...not only did everyone else have to use the less yummy tasting and almost out Crisco-since-it's-cheaper-than-Pam spray for their pudgy/hobo (why is it hobo?? Ben's brother calls them poodgie for some unapparant reason) pies. But also, that means that there was a plentiful amount of mayo that was slathered alllll over pancakes. This wasn't obviously too disgusting (though it really sounds like it would be) since no one said anything, and I didn't notice either. But then again, I was still steamed over my lack of foresight and memory.

Pancakes smothered in mayo and liquid sugar. Mmmmm, healthy! But then again, it's not like it pancakes smothered in solidified vegetable oil (which does generally revert it back to a liquidic state) and liquid sugar is really any better. Thinking of it that way kind of ruins my Saturday morning now.

"I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2000 of something."
Mitch Hedberg

(Not that this quote has anything to really do with any of this, but it is about food.)


sarahesperanza said...

pancakes + mayo = eww.

by the way, if we ever go camping together, I'm with you in the no-mayo camp. and that way we won't have any accidental mayo-on-breakfast-foods mishaps.

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

sounds good...when are we going camping?!? :-)