Friday, December 26, 2008

Proof that our new camera rocks

As promised, a long long time ago (perhaps the daaaaaayyyyyy the muuuuuusiiiiiicccccccc diiiiieeeeeddd), I can now post proof that our new camera rocks. Thanks to the one who believed in me (sniff sniff) enough to send me step by step directions on how to post pics on this forum. Here goes.

Amy & Leo (perhaps it looks normal now, but remember...)

I warned you. Every blemish can be exposed. Every unplucked nose hair can be found. No one is safe. Not even my big poofy. :-)

This is from the same picture as above. Pretty cool, eh?

We test drove the camera with actual living, moving, jumping, dancing, peek-a-boo-ing kids these last two days. It works great!! I can pop out a kid now and am armed and ready to take fantastic yawning, drooling, dribbling, screaming, laughing, crying action shots.

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