Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have a crush on kitchen gadgets, appliances and bowls. When I recently found a $20 gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond that I received for Christmas 2 years ago (thankfully, they don't expire), I was in a lovely state of happy planning. What to get? What to contribute this toward? What to add to my collection that Ben swears is too big as is. I only have 16 varying sizes andy types of mixing bowls. How could that possibly be too many?

I literally spent 2 or 3 nights last week searching through their internet site (after making an actual trip to the BB&B store) in hopes of trying to decide on what to spend my newfound wealth. Even more problematic, the online shop now carries all sorts of things (i.e. baby items) that it doesn't in the store itself. Indecision reigns supreme with me sometimes.

However, I finally found a gadget that I've been wanting for 2 years at least, and it was around $20 exactly. (In fact it was $18 something after the 20% off coupon that I used, forcing me to purchase a $4 bar of awesome crunchy, dark, Lindt chocolate (with a mousse filling...mmmm) to use up the rest of the card.) So I used my dishwasher safe potato ricer last night to make mashed potatoes. Mind you, all of the food network chef-ies claim this tool is essential to make the best mashed 'tatoes ever, so with some amount of faith, I gave it a go. Oh My Mashed Potato Goodness. So good. So good. So GOOD. I'm a potato ricer believer.

"Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent." Food for thought. Epictetus

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sarahesperanza said...

i *heart* bowls. they hold cookie dough. i really *heart* wooden bowls. they make me feel like a hobbit