Saturday, January 10, 2009

My take on the famous scene in A Christmas Story

After doling out big, luscious scoops of Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream (mmmm.....what a fantastic surprise!), in fact after scooping through an entire "half gallon" (p-shaw) of ice cream, my ice cream scoop was creamy and delicious looking. In fact, it was delicious looking enough to lick. I mean, you're not human if you can resist the temptations of certain delights--beaters laced with cake batter (the flavor is fairly incosequential), wooden spoons used to stir brownies (50 times, no more and no less), and scoops dripping with half melted ice cream (lucky you if there are any chunks of the chocolate sticking to the metal as well). Basically, I had an enticing treat awaiting my tongue. Of course, to be fair, I had a bowl with ice cream in it waiting for me, but why forsake the tasty treat that no one else would be allowed to partake in? Bless the scooper.

At any rate, after scooping through an entire "half gallon" of Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream that suddenly made an appearance at my house, my scoop was oh so ice cream-y cold. I licked that scoop before it lost its creamy appeal. But, it's kind of a deep bowl, and my lip touched the top of it. And it was by this point and frigidly cold scoop. My lip got stuck to the ice cream scoop. Que embarrasing. (I am also, of course, embarazada, but that was another post.) It actually hurt to rip my lip from the scoop. Who else do you know who has ever gotten a bloody lip from an ice cream scoop. Only me. Only me.

It's not quite like licking the hot end of the lighter to get that last bit of melted sugar, though. Or sticking the hot end of a car lighter to your nose to see if it actually got hot. But still funny for those who aren't bleeding.


Megan said...

I got my lip stuck to a bomb pop once when I was young. You know, the red-white-and-blue kind.

Sarah said...

tee hee