Sunday, March 8, 2009

laundry woes part II

This is a post that will be completely devoted to the wonder that is Ben, and he knows about it. So it's okay. :-)

Ben and I generally split laundy duties since neither of us minds it all that much. In fact, we often fold clothes together. And as I have posted before, I believe, Ben has serious issues with folding my underwear. He doesn't understand that concept of folding underwear, period, so therefore he just has serious issues sometimes. And to couteract his confusion at folding this particular article, he a) complains about it and b) does stupid things to re-assert his annoyance. Often, this means that he folds each and every pair into eensy-weensy tiny squares. Yesterday, he forewent this idea and instead alternated every folded pair by 90 degrees instead of the nice, neat stack that I prefer. What a booger.

Maybe he got thrown off his fold-the-underwear-into-the-tiniest-squares-possible game because of a couple of onesies that we had just gotten and I had tossed into the load. It should be noted that Ben has problems with nearly any female shirt, also. If it's not an easy, square t-shirt shape, i.e. if it has details of any kind, then it just gets confusing for him. Onesies are not only small to begin with, but they're not a t-shirty shape so much. Imagine the issues, the problems, the anguish, the woefulness. He tries, and I appreciate him for that. And it's humorous, so I guess he's a keeper regardless of his laundry deficencies. It could be much worse, nothing has been died or changed size. Can you imagine a shrunk onesie? It just might have to be called a half-y.

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