Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day in the Life (guest blogger)

Given the invite, I've decided to document a day in the life of me. And, with some helpful assistance, I'm adding pictures to prove how fascinating my day to day life truly is. Actually, instead of fascinating, dare I say...luxurious. At any rate, enjoy.

4 a.m. My day starts early. In fact, I'd already been up once or twice on this particular day for about 2 hours or so. At this point, I've already eaten (mmm), had my diaper changed (I love the fresh fresh feeling of a clean diapy), and am hanging out for a few minutes as I'm getting ready to nap (note the heavy eyes). I loooove stretching, too; I especially love stretching right after the aforementioned eating and diaper change (I just feel that good). Outfit #1

7 a.m. I got to eat again (mmm), which again made me sleepy. Notice my stuffed friends. They give me something to look at when I get a little bit of alone time. The caterpillar rattles. He's kind of fun. He was a particular favorite of my cousins', I hear.

8 a.m. This is the outfit that Daddy chose for me today. But, Mommy didn't really like it. It's not exactly my color (or fit), I guess. Accomodating as I am, I did my part and promptly made a mess when Daddy had my diaper off. Hehe. Outfit #2

10 a.m. New outfit ("So Sweet"...this shade of blue is a nice color for me, I think) yet lack of blanket underneath me. This can only signify one thing--spit up. An unfortunate occurence that doesn't really seem to bother me all that much. It's not like I do the laundry. This is some of my "just me" time. Outfit #3

See...I told you that the caterpillar is kind of cool.

11 a.m. I tired of the alone time. Really, I'm a cuddler and really just want to be held 95% of my day. Obviously, Daddy gave in to my demands.

I feel limp. Ergo, I am relaxed. Utterly and completely.

1 p.m. Daddy finally got a shower and a fresh change of clothes. He came back in time to help out when I was fussing. Really, I was just tired and needed a comfortable position. This is a particular favorite when I'm unhappy. I'm really good at holding my head up for long moments at a time, though you can't see that in this picture. My little outfit is unbuttoned cause I just got my diaper changed, and Daddy was trying to let my little belly button stump get some air (it hadn't fallen off yet...ewww). Mommy loves my little frog legs when I'm in this position.

A little later... I'm a bit of a trickster, and like to leave little suprises for Daddy, especially. His shirts are particularly nice to spit up on. It's just about a daily occurence with him. I've only felt the need to spit up on Mommy once or twice. Maybe I'll be nice to Daddy tomorrow...Happy Father's Day.

5-ish p.m. Mommy reads a lot with me. She finally figured out how to read while I eat, too (no idea why it took her so long to learn this skill). She found time for a shower today, too, but the hair didn't get dried.

7 p.m. Another feeding, another fresh diaper, another moment with Daddy while Mommy does something else. I love him.

8 p.m. More Mommy time. More reading. Falling asleep. Outfit #4

8:30 p.m. Every once in a while, I will sleep by myself during the day. And when I do, I epitomize cuteness...and froggy legs.

10 p.m. Laying on Mommy's lap...this is my I'm-filling-my-diaper (yet again) look.

Ready for another night of cuddles and a snack or two throughout the wee mornin' hours. All I need is my sleep sack and sockies.

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Sarah said...

I love that Abby has already picked up several of Amy's idioms. Mirror neurons are alive and working. (yay!) Cutest bean ever. I'm inspired to send her a package soon.