Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mom's Meeting

I run in new circles now. I've moved beyond the sundry life of the non-parent and now engage in meaningful conversations about weight gain in ounces, feeding techniques, and diaper brands. It's amazing how quickly one loses one's adult topics of conversation in favor of everything about baby. Right now, it's still fun, and I don't miss what used to be, at least not yet. Every Wednesday now, Abby and I pack up and head over to Mom's Meeting to weigh in and chat up the other moms and babies. Really, Abby sleeps, and I kind of sit along the wall and try to figure out what to do. There's really a way to do things at Mom's Meeting, but it's a pretty casual group with mom/baby tandems coming and going. Everyone just seems to know what to do, so I figure that it's best to just observe.

A couple of my observations:
***I'm now part of a group of women who don't mind nursing in public.
***Abby likes to sleep through the hour-long session. I like it when Abby sleeps through the meeting, too. I'm still working on having a baby out in public let alone a crying baby. But, I dare say that we are the only duo of mom & sleeping baby. I'm still thinking about whether that is normal or not.
***As if on cue once introductions were done, every mom had all of a sudden whipped out fresh diaper, wipes and outfit. I haven't even gotten Abby out of her carrier yet. I'm thinking that a) these ladies have done this before, b) they're professionals cause they're definitely just chatting and doing all of this at the same polished, and c) is it like a secret handshake? choreographed diaper changing?
***I ditched it 20 minutes one to talk with and was there anything else going to happen?

Abby gained 9 oz. this week. Good for her! She's graduating out of the newborn size diapers and clothing!!

P.S. For my next post (or for a soon to come post), there will be a guest poster...stay tuned!

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