Saturday, July 25, 2009

last post on this topic, I promise

(this will be the last post on this topic at least for a while; I promised Ben)

Okay, so seriously. The exploding poo is NOT stopping! We went up another size in diapers (thanks for the tip, Megan!). Can I just duct tape them to her back in an attempt to create an airtight seal that poo cannot permeate?

ICK! This time, it soaked through my pants and underwear. And, in some freak of nature, it barely got onto Abby's outfit despite getting alllll over my own clothing and the chair upon which we were sitting. Is this what we can expect until potty training succeeds?!? NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT EXPLODING DIAPER POO!!!! I might rescind earlier statements about vomit; poo smeared all over me might just gross me out the most. But then again, I haven't been vomited upon.

In the meantime, we're having fun throwing our legs in the air and rolling over all while making cute, pay-attention-to-me-cause-I'm-just-cute-(and smart) noises.

(The lactation consultant at the hospital where we delivered told us a story about when she just had her daughter, who is now a teenager, that she thought how unfair it was that girl babies were always referred to in diminuitive terms like "cute" and "precious" while boys get stronger adjectives like "smart." So, whenever she told her infant daughter how beautiful she was (which, I have come to discover, is impossible to avoid because it's oh so true), she always told Kate that she was smart, too. Ben and I have decided to follow her example. We do have a beautiful daughter; and she's smart, too!!)


Megan said...

Ok we need to discuss this further. I am not saying that you don't have blowouts occasionally, but this seems a bit too frequent, unless you are being a melodramatic weenie.
You should experiment with different diaper brands and sizes. And don't be afraid to strap that diaper tight, and make sure it is covering the cheeks. Also, I am not suggesting that you are neglecting your daughter, but you might just need to change the diaper more frequently. Sometimes when those bad boys get saturated they don't keep the poo in.
Good luck. If all else fails, you can just walk around in a poncho.

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

Melodramatic weenie?!? I object! :-) We've been having this issue with 3 different brands in a couple of different sizes. It only just started about 2 weeks ago, like her projectile ability increased when she hit the 6-week old mark. It doesn't have time to soak in, cause she poops so vociferously, it seems. She does it in these magnificent bursts of poo-age, like you can hear her filling her diaper from the other side of the house.
I like the poncho idea. :-)

Crystal said...

Hey, vociferous poo is more fun than a constipated and unhappy baby. Amy, I think this is your payback for never having changed a diaper before Abby's; she's making sure you get your mileage worth!

sarahesperanza said...

hmm... i've been hearing a lot about how you've been dripping in poo, but not so much about how Ben has. I think it's time to pull the "I carried this thing for 9 months, then pushed it out" card and get 9-months of poo exploding onto someone else.

besides, isn't exploding poo the kind of thing that grandmas find adorable?