Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Because we like to do things the hard way

The saga began two years ago. We went to the flooring stores, compared flooring options, had all but picked out new flooring for over 1/2 of the house. Then tragedy struck and the new flooring got put aside in favor of replacing the failing water heater. This made me mad, in a way, for 2 reasons. First, I didn't get new flooring to replace the stained stained stained beeeiiiiggggeeeee carpet. Second, no one ever gets excited about buying a new water heater. It's like spending money on a water softener or a furnace. You hate having to do it, but you just have to do it sometimes.

The saga continued over the last 2 years as we contemplated what to do with our superfluous wealth. We could do the flooring....yeah, but let's wait...but we could do the flooring...maybe we'll start saving up for it...we could do the flooring...

The saga finally reached a conclusion at the beginning of July when someone's spouse FINALLY agreed that it will be much easier to sell the house someday (maybe sooner rather than later???) if the flooring isn't stained stained stained and beeeeiiiiiigggggeeeeeeeeee. Yay. So let's load up a 6-week old and cart her around town so that we can compare and shop and compare and shop and think and compare some more. That sounds easy.

OR, we could have done this a few months or a year ago. But that wouldn't make life more challenging and altogether frustrating.

Consequently, Abby and I were somewhat banished from the premises for a couple of nights (which wasn't well thought out as far as how long we would need to be gone and then what we would need to bring with us), and the flooring wasn't quite done. And, it's still not quite done. Darn. But it looks really great what is here!! :-)

Today's blog sidenote: Abby slept 9 straight hours 2 nights ago! Good for her!! Too bad the overall exultation of waking up at 7 am instead of 3:30 am was somewhat marred by waking to the noise of a retching cat at 6 am. But I still enjoyed being in bed at 6. And Ben cleaned it up, so I won't complain.

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