Monday, August 31, 2009

Things I love

***having a super soft, downy baby head snuggled into the sensitive crook of your arm or up against your neck

***waking up a little body in the morning and have her look up at you, blink in the shadowy summer morning sunlight and smile

***walking into a quiet house where there is a babbling little girl and no signs of weeping or gnashing of gums

***tiny hands holding onto you when eating

***cooing and smiling on the changing table at 3:30 in the morning in the soft glow of a dim lamp

***a sweet little sideways smile that seems like it's meant just for you, even though you just happen to be in the line of vision at the moment that the smile errupted

***crazy splashing and nonstop smiles and chatter in the bathtub

***standing in front of the bathroom mirror with biiiiig blue eyes that are delighted at her own self

***finding her wee little diapered rump stuck up in the air when she's asleep

***an elfish little face poking out of a ducky towel that just has that sweet smellin' baby smell

***crazy, wackadoodle hair after a bath

***that wide eyed, comatose state that the little one falls into when Ben holds her as she's winding down for a nap

***sucking on three fingers at once

***seeing her learn how to do things...the first time rolling over, reaching for a favorite toy

***big, beautiful blue eyes

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