Saturday, September 26, 2009

a blog about eating (more or less)

Sometimes, Abby has epicurean tastes, like frog legs.

Sometimes, she just likes to eat junk plastic rattles.
(The quality on this picture isn't that great for some reason?)

Regardless, her milk supply is by far her favorite. There's always some serious sucking going on when the bottle is around. It's too bad that pictures don't come with sound effects.

Abby turned 4 months old and marked the occasion with her first ever apple pickin' at the orchard trip. It was also her way cute 4 year old cousin Macy's first ever apple pickin' trip, too. Overall, fun times!

Nice, cool weather brought upon a lovely, albeit brief, nap.
This was by far my favorite apple picking trip ever, and I always enjoy going. It's so cool to share things like this with your child, even if they will never remember. I will.

I needed a mental break tonight, so I hopped over to Panera to pick up something to eat, and yay...Panera is now posting the caloric content of all of their menu items! Fantastic!! It made me feel somewhat gooder, too, that my fav sandwich is *low* on the caloric scale and my fav coffee, a hazelnut latte, is absolutely not that bad for me, forgetting the sugar content, especially compared with the super sweet carmel/mocha drinks. I love Panera!


Crystal said...

Thanks for posting pics of your baby. She is beautiful, as always.

Crystal said...

I just showed these pictures to Chris and he said, "Oh, she has hair!" and then, "She looks smart!"