Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I feel all bloggy lately

(a poem with no meter and no apparent talent)

As I strolled across the campus
on a day so bright and sunny
I spied a goodly amount of undergrads
all technologically addicted

I studied them one by one
each with thumbs a flying
with earbuds pushed in their ears
to drown the world out

A revelation I suddenly had
while walking by myself
the difference between the undergrad
and grad student quite succinct

The "younger" set so full of youth
with all their bizarro or namebrand outfits
no social status amongst their peers
unless a technology addict they be

The "wiser" group by one or two
instead of tuning the world out with music or staring at their hands
a stroll from place to place
eyes up with only a laptop to qualify them as "student"

(like tips at a coffee shop, polite snaps always appreciated)


sarahesperanza said...

I recently hosted a beach BBQ for 15 year olds... it was enlightening. I am no longer hip. They can text while playing volleyball. so technologically advanced, these younguns. And when did we become old?

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

i don't know, but if it means that i still know how to talk to someone in person (though, i admit, i'm not all that great at it in many a given situation), then i'll gladly be old!