Friday, February 5, 2010


I haven't felt like I've had much to relay lately, so here's a quick run-down of some funny (or not so much) anecdotes of the past couple of weeks. Or, at least ones that I can remember.

DISCLAIMER: I love using incomplete sentences for emphasis (see previous sentence), but when I do, I often feel like I have to also give a disclaimer that yes, I now it's incomplete. I'm really not that lousy at grammar. There you go, a general disclaimer for my whole blog.

I'm currently and frantically working my way through my 2nd baby blanket in a set of two for a friend who is having twins. I wouldn't be quite so frantically working on it if I had been able to decide if I was going to actually do it. She's a high school friend of Ben's, so I feel like my involvement in her babies' births might be a bit...hmmm...stalkerish. But we're friends, too. But I also know that we had lots of lovely people who just randomly gave us little gifts before and after Abby was born, people who I didn't know except by name, and they were always appreciated. And then I thought that she's having twins for goodness sake. She needs love and support. So I shall try to do so in my own little way without appearing to be stalkerish. This is really something of a worry with me frequently.

It's funny how clothing becomes so disposable when faced with a poopy, naked baby who just peed on her changing table (twice) while trying to clean up the first mess by removing the diaper. That was fun.

I can't figure out how to close Abby's new stroller. She's graduated out of the original infant car seat that is fantastic because you just clip her in and out of the car but oh so heavy once she packs on 10 pounds. So I now have a fully unfolded Trevi stroller in the back of my Mountaineer. I blessed my little old bug of a car yesterday when I realized that I could just pop it in the back unfolded rather than trying to wrestle it closed in the middle of the parking lot in order to wedge it into the Honda.

Ben decided (I agreed, this isn't exactly a dictatorship) that we need to sell the truck after all. 2 tows and about $700 later, it's sell-able. Which means that Ben is driving my car. And, I adamantly will continue to call it my car until it's the only vehicle that Ben has to drive. I realize that possession is very much an issue for me.

I'ts really hard for me to lose weight. I'm rather stuck about 10 lb. heavier than my pre-Abby body maintained, and no matter how many grapefruit and pears I eat, it doesn't really seem to get any better. Sigh.

I have, however, also discovered the joys of quinoa and couscous. Yum. Granted, this hasn't been a discovery since the last time I posted anything.

I'm so ready to be done with my Masters. It bites a bit. I look forward to the day when I can again choose my own reading. And trust you me, it won't be a modernist biography/memoir like "The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas" (by Gertrude Stein...ironic) or "Being Geniuses Together" (by Robert McAlmon and Kay Boyle...incidentally, I prefer Kay Boyle's portions much more than Robert McAlmon's).

Speaking of biting...will Abby's top teeth ever come in? She's been a champ enduring it all for the entire week. And, we're so ready to be done with it. Come on already!

I'm going back to work in 3 1/2 weeks now. Sigh. There are benefits--many fewer diaper changes (unless I hit a snag with some freshman; crossing my fingers on that one). But then again, I'd much rather change Abby's diapers if that mean that I could stay home with her every day. Someone figure out how I can be paid to watch my own daughter.

I'm going dress shopping for a bridesmaid dress with my sis-in-law and her maid of honor tomorrow. Sounds like jolly times. Please let the snow be a non-factor.

I plan on making a chocolate cream torte tonight to celebrate my mom-in-law's b-day and the aforementioned sis-in-law's b-day. I love tortes. They may be second only to cake in my opinion. And, some tortes are like cake, which is basically fantastic no matter how you slice it (ba da ching!).

Ben bought a laptop this week for himself. That means that we now have three computers (along with three vehicles). Excessive??? Good reasons for all. Hopefully, he'll be able to get rid of his old computer and we'll condense it down to a respectable his-and-hers set. I'm glad that he didn't decide to get the green one.

Ben got a laptop because he's going to be starting his own Masters degree this year. Maybe this summer. Sigh. Will this ongoing bettering-ourselves-through-education process never end? The light at the end of the tunnel: Ben is setting himself up to make two times as much money as he ever could as a teacher; Amy just thinks that $10,000 is a cheap price to read good books (the aforementioned two notwithstanding).

I love lattes, maybe my favorite beverage ever. And, if I so desired, I could purchase a ceramic mug that is made to resemble the disposable cups that you get at a coffee place so that you can enjoy an earth friendly cup of joe while looking like you just spent some serious cash at your local Starbucks. I settled for a 24-oz. mug with LATTE splashed all over it. It holds a lot of latte.

"Man does not live by coffee alone. Have a danish." --Anonymous (true words that I can live by and continue to gain weight by, for that matter)


sarahesperanza said...

"You can be a little ungrammatical if you come from the right part of the country."
(Robert Frost)

Crystal said...

Amy-Hi! I'm glad for your post-update-recap, but now I have questions. What is Ben going to school for-to no longer be a teacher? Are you sewing/crocheting/knitting the blankets? Do they match? I've been learning lots more knitting recently. Congrats on deciding to sell the truck. when is the wedding? I just purchased a bridesmaids dress last weekend for a wedding in May-it must be the season. I remember finding the dresses we wore in your wedding-fun times! talk to you soon!