Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow days!

Tuesday was a snow day! And it was a glorious snow, too. Perfect opportunity to take Abby out to learn how to make snowballs and how to throw snowballs for the first time. So we did. Here's how it went down.

First, we had to put on our layers. This was somewhat confusing.

Next, Mommy and Abby tried to do easy things like eat snow. Baby steps to become acclimated. This was received favorably, for a while.

Next, we tried something a bit more challenging--sitting in the snow.

This was not well liked. Abby cried. (Mommy & Daddy giggled, just a little.)

And, seriously, we had to try snow angels. This was also a cause for much weeping. Mommy & Daddy giggled again.

Mommy tries to show Abby that snow is not all bad. Abby didn't believe Mommy.

Abby didn't much believe Daddy, either, but was at least accepting of her fate.

But then Daddy made the mistake of plunking Abby in the snow again. More weeping.

More consoling. Next time, we don't try such monumental adventures right before nap time when our tummy is hungry.

"When snow falls, nature listens." Antoinette van Kleeff

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Meagan said...

These pictures are precious!!! Hope the next snow outing is more positively received, but the weeping photos are truly priceless!

Meagan : )