Friday, April 9, 2010

sitting at the lake

Right now, right this very instant, I'm sitting in my parents' lake house, watching the wind whip the water (quite forcibly), listening to make sure my daughter is sleeping, listening to my husband make tons of racket in the creaky bathtub as he showers, waiting for my nails to dry, typing on the blog cause that's about the only thing I can do right now with wet nails. (I never paint my fingernails for two reasons: one, it doesn't last more than a few hours...all that work for only a few hours; two, you're basically immobilized for quite a bit of time while things dry.)

We could get used to this kind of lifestyle. It's been lovely and it's been frustrating.

It's been lovely waking up in the morning to a quiet house on the water. Great view. Change of scenery. Animals. Peace and calm.

It's been frustrating as we've been relatively confined in this house as the weather has been torturously cold and Abby seems to have come down with a bit of a stomach bug.

And just because we're ambitious, we're leaving in a few hours to go get our family pictures done. We've rescheduled already. It's a long drive to return to the photographer for our wedding. We really need to do them today. Crossing our fingers.

May the spirit of the lake emobody us all today. We may need some prayers for calm and cooperation.

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