Friday, April 30, 2010


Every time I go to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard, EVERY TIME, I regret it. EVERY TIME I either think to myself or say to Ben who is usually with me, I am NEVER getting a Blizzard again. And then I go back eventually.

They always make me feel gross afterwards.
They're rarely well made.
They have about a million calories.
They're made with fake ice cream.
They cost $3.50 for a small.

The first point is true, at least for me. They just make me feel gross in that why-did-I-eat-all-of-that-I-never-want-to-eat-again kind of way.

The second point hinges on the fact that my fav Blizzard flavor, in fact pretty much the only Blizzard that I ever get, is the Georgia Mud Fudge with the fudge on top and not mixed in. I don't understand the point of mixing the fudge in. If you do that, it just makes chocolate ice cream. If you want chocolate ice cream, why not have chocolate ice cream instead of wasting the super hot fudge. For all that I *hate* Blizzards, I really love this hot fudge in this Blizzard. Truly yummy, but also why I always feel gross. It's a love-hate relationship. A paradox.

The third point I can't avoid and conveniently forget whenever I find myself ordering one. This also contributes to my feelings of grossness because I inevitably remember after licking out the empty container.

The fourth point is where I'm an ice cream snob. Since I've been living "on my own" and am now responsible for purchasing what I eat myself, the cheap-o ice cream just doesn't cut it anymore. In my opinion, once I've tasted the good stuff, the cheap stuff just tastes terrible, including "ice cream" that comes from mixing a powder with whatever they mix it with...water?

My fourth point relates to my cheapness. $3.50 for mediocre "ice cream" that is badly mixed. Case in point...Tuesday night I caved from a looong day and snagged a Blizzard as I got to campus (I really wanted Coffee Junkies but the one that I pass isn't open anymore) and tried to snarf as much as I could before my meeting with my prof. I got halfway through. After the meeting, I go to finish it off and realize that in the half that is left...there are NO chunks of anything left. None. So this time, it's for more Blizzards for me. I promise!

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