Monday, June 7, 2010

I heart MC!

How did I get so lucky to make a super duper important life decision when I was the tender age of, what, 17? I just finished reading through the bi-annual Manchester Magazine that came in the mail today (am I really that much of a weird-o if I had just wondered yesterday when my Manchester Magazine was going to be coming???), and as always, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. There are so many good people doing so many extraordinary things at that place. I so admire the humanity of the mission statement, and (can every institution really brag about this?), it really does come out in the actions and intentions of faculty, staff, and students associated with this college. I have so few bad memories from my four years there and sooo many good ones that have continued beyond graduation five years ago (wow, a wee bit sad that I no longer really know any students there except for *my* former students--oy!).

Definitely, the biggest impact that this cozy little campus made on my was helping me understand that every person has a role to play, and, that college is all about finding new ways that you can serve others. I truly believe that MC's biggest contribution to society is helping persons become addicted to living a lifestyle that is all about lifelong learning, not just to benefit the individual but for the benefit of society.

Talking with our financial advisor this past week, she claims that when Abby will be ready for college, it will cost $186,000 for a 4-year state college (i.e. Ball State). This saddens me greatly. How will it ever ever be possible for us to be able to send Abby to a college like Manchester? It already costs somewhere around $30,000/year (conservative estimate). This makes me a bit sad. That's teaching a lot of summer school.

MC has been good for the Cox family. With the wedding this past weekend, every adult in the family, all eight of us, have Manchester degrees and there are now four happily married couples who all hooked up there. There must be something in the water...

I have a former student who would always call me "MC" for Mrs. Cox, but I always thought it was appropriate, nonetheless, in other ways.

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