Sunday, October 10, 2010

I just really love sports. I just do.

I remember when Ben and I first hooked up, it was really important to me that he like, love, or tolerate sports cause I just loooove my sports. Thankfully, he does. This is vital as this is practically all that we watch on tv. It's always on. Neither of us watches any "normal" tv shows (with one exception), and my V-Day present a couple of years ago was a subscription to MLB Extra Innings. I just really really love sports. We scheduled a long layover in Atlanta on our honeymoon so that we could catch a game at Turner Field. When we go on vacation, we tour ballparks and check who is playing whom so that we can see our boys play. The first time we left Abby after she was born to do something by ourselves was to see the Colts. Serious love here.

It also irks me greatly when I have to prove my sports knowledge to any male, when my opinion is devalued simply because I'm a female. It happens, a lot. C'mon boys, let me play too.

But right now, the Braves are just breaking my heart. Someone hand me some tissues. My soul needs to be soothed.

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