Sunday, February 6, 2011

dreaming of a garden

It's that time of year when cool people that I know who actually have successful gardens start thumbing through their seed catalogs, and it makes me a bit envious.

This is what my garden looks like right now (approximately--if there was not 2 feet of snow/ice on it and if it were summer time and if i actually had it nicely divided into sections and if i knew how to garden correctly).

This is what I want to have someday--a hoop house! Or, a lovely greenhouse.

Right now, this is about all that my raised bed garden is good for...playing in the dirt and letting the mint, which invasive blight that it is, grow in the raised bed even though it was never planted there.

This picture demonstrates nicely how poor my gardening skills are. I grew the pepper, which if I remember right was the only one that my raised bed yielded that year, and it was the same size as a head of garlic, which is to say...quite small.

I've found out that successful gardening isn't as easy as it looks. I thought that since I helped my mom in her garden, which looks something like this, every year, that I would be able to be fruitful and green thumby, too. Nope.

I've decided that I'm going to learn, though! But first...I need a garden. The raised bed that we have just isn't working out. Maybe we should could turn it into a minty/oregano-y sandbox???


Mariah said...

You should check out straw bale gardening. I think it looks really intriguing! Sadly, I can't have a garden because our yard is so wooded that the only place we have enough sunlight to grow anything other than moss is the front yard. :)

Crystal said...

Lots of veggies, and especially herbs are beautiful, so you could for sure put them into the front yard as decorations that happen to be edible... I can't wait to start a garden this summer. We finally live in a place where I am not afraid of what toxins are in the soil (sorry, Chicago) and so I am planning grandly. Good luck to you!