Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mussel-ing up courage

Over Winter Break, Ben and I went on our epic Christmas date and hit up a seafood restaurant in Carmel. From the advice of our waitress, we tried mussels for the first time. Both of us really like seafood, but it still felt squeemish-y to try mussels. Maybe it's the name.

But we LOVED them! I might have actually spooned big slurps of the buttery sauce after all of the mussels and bread was gone. Soooo yummy!

So Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect time to recreate this utterly delish dish, especially since all of my best buds on the Food Network tell me repeatedly how easy mussels are. They really are super cinchy. But...

...I spent the whole time eating them hoping that I wasn't giving either me or Ben food poisoning. And the smell. Ewwww. Definitely not super fresh just caught this morning. The smell alone will cause me to never make these ever again because it reminded me that yes, I live in a very landlocked portion of the country that is far far removed from anything resembling a coastline where fresh seafood lives. So I shall leave it Mitchell's Fish Market where they know delicious.

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