Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bless You!

My little family went up to Harlan this weekend to join my larger family in celebrating my dad's 60th birthday today. It was loud, chaotic, and giggle-some. All-in-all, it was much fun and lots of laughs.The birthday boy with my niece.

Abby kept wanting my brother, "Unca Joe," to get on her rocking horse. So he did!

She really loves the Bob the Builder belt. Boooobbb the builllllder...Can? We? Fix it?!? Booooobbb the Builllllder...Yes! We! Can! (You gotta sing it.)

Abby and I were hanging out by ourselves and getting ready for church this morning. She had been fed, diapered and clothed before I got my breakfast. So I finally get to sit down with a bowl of "fakes" (she has trouble with the "l" sound). The little bug wanted up in my lap, of course, to help me eat my cee-we-a. This resulted in her sneaking in a bite every so often. Half way through, she's hanging onto the spoon, leans over the bowl to take a bite, and straight up sneezes into my bowl.

Yum. I still finished it. I figured that we've shared worse. :-)

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