Friday, March 4, 2011

from A to frozen peas

Here's a quick little update snippet for cool and bizarre things that Abby is doing or into right now.

A-Z: this kid has about 1/2 of the alphabet down pat! I dont' have a concept for when this is normal, so humor me if you're rolling your eyes on your side of the computer monitor and thinking "ugghh...she's bragging about something that is so commonplace by Abby's age." To me, it's fantastic. Plus, she says some of the letters so cutely that it's always enjoyable reading our plentiful letter books and playing with our letter magnets and bath letters. (coo: Q, effffff: f, emmmm: m). Letters, letters everywhere!

frozen things: Abby's favorite way to eat corn is frozen, and she's always willing to pop in a stone cold pea. She adores frozen blueberries. This means that sometimes I get her to eat some veggies on the sly while I'm getting dinner ready when I ever so nicely let her eat some of the veggies that are going into dinner for the night.

pigtails: There is no more perfect hairstyle than pigtails. I suggest them for boys. Instant adorable. Dreadfully hard to get them to stay in sometimes.

boop boops: Today, we took one last romp outside in the boop boops even though it was in the 50 degree range and there was no snow to be seen before they'll probably be retired forever. I'll have to get her some rain boop boops to replace them, I suppose. How cute will that be?!?

evi, e-o, to-be: She can spot our cats (or our babysitter's cats) from 100 yards away. Eagle eyes.

busss! yeh-yo busss!: We are hardcore into anything that resembles a bus, sounds like a bus, smells like a bus, or is yellow. We know the hand motions to every verse of "The Wheels on the Bus" and sometimes make up new ones.

nursery rhymes: Where is Thumbkin?, Old Mother Goose, Goosie Goosie Gander, The Duke of York, Ring Around the Rosie, Shoo Fly, The Farmer in the Dell, Old MacDonald...we love them all. And she can verbalize enough and carry a tune well enough so that I can generally pick out which one she wants to do or what she's singing. For some reason, Goosie Goosie Gander is a bathtime favorite.

chickie: She can finally pronounce this word fairly clearly rather than "chee-cheech." But her absolutely positively favorite lovey, a pair of 6-mo. size blue leggings are still "P-T" (pants).

hocks: She loves to give hugs and pats you so sweetly when she does. The best ones are the sneak attack "hocks" that are so gentle and heartfelt.

"yu-yuu mama" = happy mama :-)

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Mariah said...


I love frozen peas as a snack - always have. Abby is a smart girl!