Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That was an oops...

I need to preface this short post with 2 things to clarify my emotional state of mind.

1. I've been losing lots of things lately, and I'm not one who loses things. Everything has its place just for this reason.

2. I finally bought a new pair of jeans after searching sporadically for months and going through 2 pairs in the meantime.

So, the story. I was changing clothes after school a couple of days ago, and I couldn't find my new jeans. I knew that I was wearing them the night before, so I couldn't possibly have left them anywhere (we were out of town the previous day). Abby even got in on the search-and-find rescue mission. I looked through all of Ben's jeans twice since we'd just done some laundry. So I called Ben, who had a track meet after school. Maybe he knew? Voicemail--call me.

Ben called back: "This is not cool! I figured out that I'm wearing your jeans because the pockets are so small!!" Found my jeans! And for the record, he didn't continue wearing my jeans, and I accidentally put his on once thinking that they were mine.

You wouldn't think it by looking at us, but we basically wear the same jean size. Not that we purposefully share clothing... :-)

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Mariah said...

hahaha! Oh, Ben!