Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What do you do once you finish your formal education?

GRADE. I've been a bit behind.

SIGH. What is there left to achieve next?

REGROUP. Remember what a Friday night of pure relaxation feels like.

WORK. There are about 50 projects that haven't been worked on for four years.

SIGH. Again. In private. I'm getting a lot of lemons right now and haven't gotten up the gumption to find some sugar to mix in yet. I'm fairly wallowing right now.

LAUGH. Abby is at a fantastic age of funniness. Re-learn to play with the little one without the constant niggling reminder of work that isn't being done.

GO TO TRACK MEETS. Fantastic diversion for my daughter, and it gives her a chance to see her daddy on nights that they wouldn't otherwise meet up.

COOK. Key lime cheesecake. Pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Linguine with edemame pesto. All in my fridge right now.


READ. I'm out of sorts on this right now.

WATCH. Copious amounts of baseball. Without reservation. By the way...I'm in first place in the standings in my fantasy team. It's not yet May, but I can already smell the $300 winning prize (again).

PLANT. Peat pots. You should check out my nifty makeshift garden in my classroom at school.

THINK. About Abby's 2nd birthday...less than one month away (oh my!).

WRITE. On the blog. You lucky people.

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