Sunday, January 1, 2012

The year of the ---

SOUP and FREEZER! I came up with a "resolution" of sorts. Before every significant break for the past 2 years at least, Ben and I always say something to the effect of "We should fix a lot of stuff and put it in the freezer so that when school starts again, it will be ready." And we never do. So this is the year. This is the year when that idea becomes more of a reality.

Every month, I will try a new soup recipe and post the recipe here. Every month, I will add something to the freezer for those days when it's needed. That may not sound like a significant amount of anything, but right now, the "add something to the freezer" part sounds pretty overwhelming.

We have a decent amount of space in our chest freezer right now, so there's room for stock. There's space for stew. There's an open invitation for lasagna. And, I have containers that are begging to be filled. Pleading! Else why would they tumble out of the high cabinet in which they are stored with such alacrity?

This week, we're having either Roasted red pepper, white bean & pasta soup or Minestrone with pesto. I might whip up some Italian country vegetable soup while I'm add it and stash it in the chill chest.

I LOVE SOUP!!! It's too bad that Abby isn't such a fan yet; it must be intimidating to her or something because she likes all of the original parts just fine. We're still working on her...she'll come around! Here's to this month's soup & hopefully a trip to Whole Foods before school resumes. Delish!

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