Friday, March 23, 2012

This kid pays attention

Like all little tykes, ours is one that pays attention, even when you don't think she is. Case in point--a new tactic I'm using to encourage her to help pick up her things more, and WANT to help, is the empathy route. I've got a butterball belly right now, and while I can bend down, it's not the most comfortable thing to do. So I've used the old "I need help picking that up because I can't bend over very well" routine. Twice, our munchkin has used that on us as well.

Me: Please pick up your shoes; you know we don't leave them in the middle of the floor.
Abby: I can't. I'm having trouble bending over.

How do you not laugh??

And it's always amazing to me how well she remember details, like where we left something hours ago or things that were vaguely promised to her in the hopes that she would forget and move on with life. My favorite is when we drive places and she remembers random landmarks. Kids pay attention!

She tried to put our cat in time-out yesterday for making a "cat mess" on the floor. "Leo, if you make one more mess, you will have to go to TIME OUT. We. Don't. Do. That!"

And this was typical of her personality:
She was "signing" her name in Grandpa's birthday card in the car on the way to the post office a few days ago and was happily chattering away about it while doing so. She really likes to trace her own hands, so that was proudly featured in the card. And as she was finishing up and handing it back to me, she chirped "Happy birthday Grandpa. Here's a card for you. I hope you like it!" This was after she helped me pick it out while belting out a medley of "Abby's Greatest Hits, Volume II" in the store (and I mean with NO inhibitions). Frankly, I let her. Happy kid, not many people in the store, enjoyable shopping trip.

Two is just a fun age...almost always. :-)

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