Saturday, April 28, 2012


Theoretically, I'd be posting something worth reading about (for what that's worth).  But it's been so long since I have felt like I've had a split second to jump on here and do anything that any and all good ideas have fled my mind.  Instead, I'll just say that my favorite thing lately has been teaching Abby to say "Oh, fiddlesticks" when something frustrating happens.  She has taken this phrase and made it her own.  She has to go down the chute (in Chutes & Ladders), puts her pants on backwards or drops a book that she's carrying? "Oh, fid-del-steaks..." 

And sometimes, it amuses me to mess with her a little.  Cruel?  Nope, fun times. 
Abby: "I want to cuddle with you in the QUI-ner."
Me: "The QUI-ner?"
Abby:  "NO, the QUI-ner!"
Me:  "The QUI-ner?"
Abby: "In the RE-QUIner!" 
Me:  "Oh, okay."  :-)  (Who am I to turn down cuddles in the recliner?)

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