Sunday, May 6, 2012

Placing my bet

I'd say that I have average luck.  Sometimes the ball bounces my way, and sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes I guess right, and sometimes I'm just nowhere close.  But on this topic, I'm pretty sure that I've got this one.  Our due date is June 14th.  But, my money is 90% on June 3rd for this next one to appear, with May 28th and June 4th as my other 2 not-as-likely guesses.  Before I explain my rationale on this one, I need to do a quick reminder about Miss Abby.

*Abby's due date was June 3rd.
*Abby came 9 days early on May 25th.
*Abby was born on Memorial Day.
*The last day that I worked (Friday, May 22nd), I definitely told a colleague that "I'm pretty sure it's going to happen this weekend."  I was right.
*I had an idea that Abby would come a little early, so I received permission to give all of my finals the week before finals week.  I gave my last final on Friday, May 22nd and didn't return for finals week (other than for about an hour at the end of the week so that I could submit grades).

There was some amount of perfect timing that went into the first child, and this one seems destined for more of the same.

*I found out that we were going to have another one an hour before I was offered a new job.
*Again, my due date is June 14th...perfect timing.  It was pretty wonderful to spend the entire first 2 months of Abby's life with both of us home and sharing the craziness that is a newborn.  We're looking forward to doing this again.
*I'm pretty big and definitely feel it.  The second one "always" comes early, don't they (yeah, I know this isn't true always, but often)?
*June 3rd is 11 days before my due date.  If Abby came a few days early, surely this other one will as well, right?
*And because I think that there is some amount of humor in all of this and seriously perfect timing: June 3rd is graduation.  I'm a senior class sponsor, and the biggest part of my duties involves graduation (I'm share the reading of the names duties with the other sponsor, for example).  Wouldn't it be fun to spend my afternoon in a hot, crowded gym and then deliver that night?
*The last day of school is May 31st, which gives me one day off to have a little birthday/end-of-school party for Abby with her 2 little friends and one last day to spend only with Abby before June 3rd (Ben's out of town, theoretically, June 1st & 2nd).
*I would get no true days off for the summer if I delivered June 3rd.  Ah well.
*AND--there's a full moon on June 4th. 

Hence, I'm basically planning on June 3rd while holding my breath on May 28th (Memorial Day...wouldn't that be funny?) and June 4th.  As if I can decide any of this!  What I should be spending more time thinking about is how to get our office converted into the little sprout's room and how to get a dresser painted and a crib & mattress purchased.  Why's only less than a month away  (WHAT, already?!?).

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Crystal said...

I love it! June 3rd it is. I think this is what should occupy your thoughts. The crib and mattress will happen, don't worry.